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Project activities proposed by jTest:


As highly experienced practitioners of EU or UNECE transport regulations , jTest experts would be happy to participate to the modelling and design of the Competent Authorities Intelligent Platform concept. Process modelling experience of our experts will be used in defining modular and generic functional  schemes.  Questionaries for identifying and detailing the requirements based on UNECE classifications will be used for this purpose.

XML documents and templates development and acquisition techniques will be studied.




As well-known conference organiser and speakers, our experts will be also interested in dissemination and promotion at high level of the project concepts and results at Governmental, Intergovernmental or Regional/National Transport Associations level.

Linked with the Dissemination activity we also propose that much more active dissemination could be provided by the project through our experts who have already practical experience in building competence building training and certification plans in this sector ( EU Directive 98/76/EC  ).  Development of common standards during the measurement of psycho-technical analysis of drivers safe driving capabilities  and the related methodologies (trainers trainings) will be done on subjects like :

·         Modern Communication and Information technologies

·         Working and resting regulations

·         Safe driving techniques

·         Traffic rules, risks and accidents

·         Dangerous products transport regulations

·         National , Regional and international regulations

·         Customs regulations

·         Institutional issues

·         Administrative Dossiers and files

·         …..


A third responsibility valorising the good knowledge of the multi-modal transports associations in EU and Eastern Europe countries is valuable to be used from our experts in building experimental pilot platforms; several such associations and/or potential regulatory and support organisations are already identified and ready to participate to the project as “CA intelligent platform” users.


Remarks on the project draft :