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jTest :  RMTL Department projects


Company Positionning: provide EU regulatory institutional support and consultancy with European Commission funded projects :

·                Regulatory analysis, modelling and implementation

·                 engineering support for building the project positionning concept,

·                  conformity & interoperability services :

·                 support for deployment of regulatory institutions activities

·                  information systems design for regulatory organisations

Key Experts involved in the project :

·         Ruchan DERICI :

o    Regulatory Modelling in Transports and Logistics

o    Laws and decrees preparation at Ministry level

o    Institutional Guide for road transport professionals members of BSEC-URTA :

o    Governmental implementation expert for the Ministry of Transports on the EU Directive 98/76/EC  (on admission to the occupation of road haulage operator and road passenger transport operator and mutual recognition of diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications)

o    Conferences speaker with  ECMT    ( )  an Intergovernmental organisation for European Conference of Ministers of Transport

o    Information systems design and development (XML) for various applications and platforms in Foreign Trade, Marketing, Purchase, Audit, Supply Chain Management, Data Processing, Logistics.



Projects:  jTest-OMC has designed, developed and participated to several types of projects like:

·              research project GST – Global System for Telematics where jTest ensures the role of the EU-level Telematics Certification Authority

·             research project GO4IT on IPv6 certification targeting to help to promote Confidence in Future Information Technologies for the Valorisation of European Research Infrastructure

·            jTest experts manage regulatory design and implementation projects in various sectors of EU candidate countries or partners countries of EU in various economic sectors through TACIS, MEDA, EUROPAID programmes in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Morocco Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, etc….a recurrent subject is the products safety and market surveillance regulatory framework to be implemented through the EU acquis

·              jTest’s business unit RMTL ( Regulatory Modelling in Transports and Logistics ) is operationally deploying legislation and regulations in EU candidate countries like Turkey by assisting the Ministry of Transports in managing its multi-modal transport visions and strategies planning, or supporting regional transport organisations like and visions


·         Bruno OMER:

o    EU Regulatory Modelling expert in various economic sectors

o    Project manager and reporting in EC funded projects

o    Technical regulations and certification expert for EC funded support projects

o    Laws and decrees preparation at Ministry level



Other experts:

·         Information system architecture expert (1)

·         Programming and database expert  (1)

·         Seminars , dissemination and trainings experts (2)

·         Pilot platform manager  ( 1 )

·         Psycho-technic analysis expert  ( 1)

·         Psycho technic assistants  (2)

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