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Name: Ibrahim Museib Mammadzadeh

Profession: Water Resources Engineer/Environmental Economist
Date of birth:  March 3, 1953

Nationality:          Azerbaijan

Membership in professional societies:

• Member, International Rainwater Catchment System Association /IRCSA/, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, 1996
• Member, International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management /INPIM/ at the Institute of World Bank, Washington D.C., USA, 1997
• Member, International Water Resources Association /IWRA/, Southern Illinois University, USA, 1998
• Fellow, Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries /FCIC/ at the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1998
• Fellow, World Bank Eastern Europe & Central Asia Rural Strategy Consultation, Washington D.C., USA, 2001
• Member (Person ID – 2802), Global Water Partnership /GWP/, Hantverkargatan 5 SE-112 21 Stockholm, Sweden, 2001
• Member (No. 1670), International Project Management Association /IPMA/, BD Nijkerk, Netherlands, 2002
• Member, Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia & Pacific /TCDPAP/, CDC at the DSIR, Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, 110003, Delhi, India, 2004
• President, National Engineering Consultancy Society of Azerbaijan /NECSA/, 54 BulBul Avenue, Baku 1014, Azerbaijan, 2004 
• Member, Gerson Lehrman Group Natural Resources Council, 850 Third Avenue, 9th Floor New York, NY 10022, USA, 2006    

Key Qualifications

Dr. Ibrahim Mammadzadeh is an experienced business leader and professional economist who specialized in an institutional development, financial management, strategic planning, contract business and quality assurance. He is also an experienced leader of multi-disciplinary teams dealing with important international projects in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine. He was headed IsDB FCIC’s Institutional Development Team and is a leading specialist in Public Sector Reforming, Restructuring and Privatization.
Dr. Mammadzadeh has direct experience at all levels of the legal, political, technical and financial aspects of the preparation, adjudication and negotiation of water and irrigation schemes. His professional experience has been augmented by periods of secondment and employment with major international agencies, including World Bank and United Nations dealing with macro aspects of project planning, appraisal and implementation. He has experience in international contracting; fully experienced with FIDIC Contract Conditions.  He has held a number of business and professional posts and visiting academic appointments in the Azerbaijan and overseas and is the author of a number of technical and business management papers.
Dr. Mammadzadeh is regularly invited to draw on his wide operational experience and give advice and seminars to International Funding Agencies.     


• BS/MS in Water Resources Engineering, Baku State University, Azerbaijan, 1976
• PhD in Land Reclamation and Irrigated Agriculture, Research Institute of Water Problems of Academy of Sciences of USSR, High Certification Commission at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Moscow, Russia, 1985
• Senior Researcher and Associate Professor in Natural Resources Management and Economics, High Certification Commission at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Moscow, Russia, 1989
• DScEc in Environmental Economics, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, 1990


• International Institute of Applied System Analysis (IIASA), International Program on «International Rivers», Laxenburg, Austria, 1983 
• Institute of Management, Fellowship Program on “Application of mathematical methods for management of a production processes”, Baku City, Azerbaijan, 1984
• UNESCO High Hydrologic Course «Regional Water Resources Management», Moscow State University, Russia, 1988
• UNESCO High Hydraulic Course «Sediment Transport Technology» State Directorate of Hydraulic Works/Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 1993
• Royal Thai Government, Technical Cooperation Program «On Farm Irrigation and Water Management» Group Training Course, Agricultural Engineering Training Centre, Bangpoon, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand, 1995
• European Union, TACIS Productivity Initiative Programme/WAP on «Management System and Processes», British Council and Lovanium International Management Centre, Brussels, Belgium, 1999
• US Department of Agriculture, Cochran Fellowship Program/ICD on “Agricultural Financing”, Lincoln University, Washington D.C., USA, 2000
• USAID/AED, Institute for Energy, Economics and Policy/Sarkeys Energy Center Fellowship Program on “Economic Diversification & Avoiding the Dutch Disease”, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, USA, 2000
• Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum, Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan, JCCP International Training Programme on “Quality Control & Assurance”, Tokyo, Japan, 2002
• US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration Special American Business Internship Training Program on “Environmental Technologies: Water and Wastewater”, Washington D.C., USA, 2003    

Employment Record:

1997 to date Independent International Consultant for the World Bank, UN UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, EBRD, IDB, ADB, EU TACIS, JICA, JIBC, KFW, IFAD, GWP, WWC projects in the Azerbaijan, CIS, Eastern Europe and Middle East, South Asia            Responsible for a multidisciplinary project management, institutional and financial assessment and development, evaluation and monitoring of projects.

2007             Project Director, Azerbaijan National Water and Sanitation Project,
                     Feasibility Study of Water Supply and Wastewater Investments for 8
                     Secondary Towns of Azerbaijan, Regional Investment Component A,
                     World Bank, AzerSu JSC, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc., Azerbaijan
                     Responsible for Technical Proposal writing, project coordinating, liase with
                     main stakeholders such as AzerSu JSC, Ministry of Economic Development,
          Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Ministry of Health, Ministry of
          Finance, World Bank, etc, reporting and negotiating with the Government and
                      the World Bank

2007            LST Expert on Institutional Capacity Strengthening and Management of
                   Technical Regulations and Standardization, Support to Azerbaijan in the
                 field of Technical Regulations, Standards, and Conformity Assessment,
                    EC, EUROPEAID/ 119860/C/SV/multi, LOT N°: 12 "Standards", ECA, Spain
                    Responsible for description of the current situation of the institutional and legal
                    framework, and outline of the key measures that need to be implemented for
                    improving the existing quality infrastructure system, including gap analysis of
                    the existing regulations with the EU directives-legislation and WTO
                    requirements; overall functional analysis of SASMP indicating its strengths
                    and weaknesses for performing its duties; Specific activities for approximation
                    and adoption of technical regulations, standards and procedures for the
                    above-mentioned areas; development of outline of the staff training needs for
                    operating the system in accordance with the EU standards and indicative
                    budget estimated with reasonable accuracy according to the financial rules
                    indicated in the Twinning Manual; review of the legal framework in relation to
                    technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment with those of EU;
                    improving and strengthening of the institutional capacity and human resources
                    capacities of the State Agency of Standardization, Metrology and Patents
                    (SASMP) as well as of the related institutions; establishing an information
                    dissemination system for the economic operators and the public in connection
                    with standards and conformity assessment; implementation of the adopted
                    standards and technical regulations by the economic operators 

2006/2007   Financial/Institutional and Privatization Expert, Pilot Study for Project
                    Formation and Pre-feasibility Study for Water Supply in secondary towns
                    In the Republic of Azerbaijan, JBIC, Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co.,
                    Ltd, Japan
                    Responsible for review of current situation of the WSS sector and the
                    necessity of the WSS investment projects in secondary towns, review the
                    current situation and future forecast of the demand and supply of water, the
                    necessity of the rehabilitation of the WSS physical infrastructures, and the
                    responsibilities of relevant institutions in the WSS sector, review the other
                    donor’s strategy and activities for the WSS sector development, select the
                    towns and areas where the Project could be implemented, with the description
                    of selection methodology and criteria, and review the detail situation of water
                    supply physical infrastructures in each of the selected towns, estimate the
                    Project cost and review the funding methods, select the operation and effect
                    indicators of the Project and set up the target of each indicator, estimate the
                    financial and economic benefits of the Project, review the current situation of
                    WSS sector management (the relevant laws, administrative organization
                    structure, abilities of staff-members etc.), review the current water tariff and
                    subsidy system, conduct financial analysis of Azersu and Sukanal in each
                    selected town, review the implementation and the operation and maintenance
                    scheme of the pilot project by ADB and KfW, and examine the possibilities of
                    applying the scheme toward the Project, recommend the implementation and
                    the operation and maintenance scheme of the Project and the terms of
                    reference of the consulting service for realizing the scheme.

2006            ST Institutional Expert & Consortium Representative, Pre-Feasibility
                     Studies and Facilitation for Developing the North- South Gas Transit
                     Interconnections in Caucasus and Central Asia in Georgia, Azerbaijan,
                     Turkmenistan, EU TACIS, EuropeAid/120627/C/SV/Multi,
                     INOGATE Programme, Mott Mac Donald/UK in consortium KLC Law firm
                     and KANTOR/Greece
                    Responsible for review previous studies, data gathering of relevant gas
                    studies, review of the gas sector and gas infrastructure in Azerbaijan, Georgia
                    and Turkmenistan, analysis and reporting

2006            Project Coordinator, Monitoring of Exceptional Financial Assistance
                    Programme for Azerbaijan (EXAP-III), European Commission, Planet SA/
                    Responsible for coordination with the team of experts, main stakeholders,
                    logistics management of project and project implementation, financial
         assessment of service provided by implementing agency (ARRA) for   
         rehabilitation of 9 hospitals + supply of equipment (10 lots), rehabilitation of 9  
         social centers + supply of equipment (6 lots), flood mitigation (7 sites) and
         water supply rehabilitation (5 sites) (5 lots) 

2006            Financial Analyst, South Wadi Khartoum State Project for Agricultural    
                    Production in Sudan, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resource &
                    Irrigation Department, AYA Group International Investment Consultancy
                    Co., Sudan
                    Responsible for review agricultural pricing, irrigation water charging,                   
                    assessment of the agricultural production market indicators, assessment of
                    project capital and operational costs, working capital, annual revenues and
                    cash flow, economic and financial viability of project, development of financial
                    plan, development of investment project and business plan and negotiating the
                    Ministry of Investment   

2006            Team Leader and Institutional Specialist, Institutional
                    Strengthening of Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in secondary
                    towns of Azerbaijan, ADB TA 4465-AZE, Castalia Ltd/ France
                    Responsible for assist with international team members’ introductions to key
                    local stakeholders, manage local expenses, time and project administration,
                    review local staff deliverables and manage delivery, ensure compliance with
                    ADB procurement and reporting rules, manage key stakeholder relations,
                    validate revised project work plan for local conditions, assist with mobilizing
                    local team and project office, assist with engaging translator and driver for the
                    project, summarize lessons and experience from work in Ganja, Sheki, Imishly
                    summarize lessons and experience from PSP in the electricity sector in
                    Azerbaijan, and in the water sector in Baku, identify key stakeholders for
                    Agdash, Goychay and Nakhchivan, attend stakeholder meetings, analyze
                    stakeholder concerns and interests, input to a strategy for managing
                    stakeholder concerns and interests, manage inputs to the inception report,
                    review inception report content, assist with inception report presentation,
                    review existing JSC charter and components, review validity of charter for     
                    Agdash, Goychay and Nakhchivan, develop alternative ownership and  
                    governance options for the JSCs, develop options for relationship between
                    JSCs and external stakeholders, consult with stakeholders to obtain
                    consensus on preferred option, oversee and manage local legal consultant in
                    drafting revised JSC charters, submit the revised charter to relevant authorities
-                   for approval, to draft action plan and documents for completing the JSC                      
                    restructure, assist relevant stakeholder(s) with appointing JSC Boards, lead                      
-                   responsibility for workshop with JSC Boards on Charter and key procedures,                   
                    to develop draft organizational structure for JSCs, draft staffing and resources
                    budget for JSC operations (before and after MC is in place), present
                    organizational structure, staffing plan and budget to Boards, develop standard
-                   JSC operating processes, train JSC management on standard JSC operating
                    processes, develop human resources transition options, incentive scheme
                    options, stakeholder consultation strategy, develop transition management
                    plan, present transition management plan to stakeholders for agreement,  
                    assist with appointing and briefing transition management teams, assess
                    organizational structure against future requirements and define labor transition
                    plan, assist with labor transition plan implementation, to clarify the
                    Management Contract proposition with the Government, provide review and
                    input to transaction structure design work, present transaction structure to key
                    stakeholders, prepare recommendation of prequalified investors and submit
                    this to the government for approval, review head contract terms, and plain
                    language draft contract, submit draft contract for approval, assist with
                    preparation for pre-bid conference, attend pre-bid conference, assist with
                    developing and submitting evaluation recommendation, provide input to the
                    transaction implementation report.

2006           Watershed Management Specialist, Flood Mitigation Project in
                   Azerbaijan, ADB 2068-AZE, Louis Berger Group/USA          
                   Responsible for review the legal and regulatory framework related to WSM
                   issues, to develop the basic provisions for development new legislation and
                   amendments to existing laws and regulations, review the existing situation in
                   the projecting areas and develop the action plan for non-engineering
                   measures for protection from flood disasters

2005            Institutional Expert, Support to Policy and Institutional Reforms in the
                   Water Sector of Uzbekistan, ADB TA 4302-UZB, Louis Berger Group/USA  
                    Responsible for development policy and institutional reforms and capacity
                      building support at the national level and institutional and capacity building
                    support at the basin and province levels; develop a cost recovery policy and a
                    comprehensive implementation plan, develop the concepts, methodologies,
                    legal documents, and implementation plan for introducing water delivery fees
                    nationwide and in the project province, analyze the adequacy of legislation
                    governing the formation and operations of WUAs and prepare
                    recommendations on the required policy and legislative interventions, set up
                    and strengthen a water sector reform support unit within the overall structure
                    of Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, prepare the guidelines and
                    working documents for the formation and operation of WUAs and disseminate
                    them, advise the Government on long-term reform options, such as improved
                    coordination between national water-related agencies (by establishing national   
                    water resources council), separation of the functions of water resources
                    management and irrigation service delivery and promotion of IWRM, organize
                    and support short-term and degree courses for key staff of MAWR in areas
                    such as analysis and formation of a water sector policy, institutional
                    development and IWRM, organize selected staff of MAWR study tours to
                    countries with relevant experience in river basin management, IWRM,
                    sustainable O&M procedures (China, Turkey or other countries with similar
                    infrastructure and socio-economic background; assist to the Amu-Surkhan
                    Basin Irrigation Organization (ASBIO) and the Surkhandarya Province
                    Agriculture and Water Department (SPAWD) to develop the detailed functional
                      Procedures of the newly established ASBIO and strengthen the capacity of
                    ASBIO and SPAWD to develop basin water management plans, implement
                    the cost recovery policy at the basin level and promote WUA development in

2005            Education Sector Study Specialist, Pilot Study for Project Formation for
                    Secondary Vocational Education Development Project in Azerbaijan,
                    JBIC/UNICO International Corporation/Japan
                    Responsible for analysis of background and necessity of the Project,
                    Analysis of the components and size of the Project, formulation of project
                    Implementation plan, identify the current situation and confirm the policies   
                    On labor market development and analysis of trends of job opportunities in
                      The non-oil sectors such as agriculture and industry

2005             Expert on Organizational Management, Support to Ministry of Economic
                     Development in Azerbaijan, EuropeAid/114841/C/SV/AZ, 35877, IMC/UK
                     Responsible for streamlining organizational structures, introducing “minor”
                     changes which might be appropriate to simplify and streamline the structures
                     for delivery of MED’s short-to-term policy objectives, creating a work group to
                     generate ideas and processes to streamline the organizational structure, incl.
                     idea-boxes for improvements and finding a mechanism to sift through such
                     ideas and let the best ones raise to the top, prioritizing policy issues for Yeni
                     Yashma Industrial Park development, identifying Industrial Park policy,
                     defining training needs for business support organization and business
                     support structure requirements, defining business support center resource
                     requirements, preparing policy proposal on business support center, training
                     business center trainers  

2005             Institutional and Financial Expert, Early Childhood Development Project
                in Azerbaijan, Asian Development Bank, Helsinki Consulting Group/
                      Responsible for evaluation of institutional capacity review of different
                      stakeholders, suggestions for necessary capacity development measures for
                      them, designing of effective institutional arrangements for implementing ECD
                      strategy, examination of capacity of different stakeholders in deciding the
                      executive agency and implementation arrangements for ensuring loan
                      project, examination of feasibility and desirability of PSP and PPP in
                      management, financing and service delivery of ECD services, preparation of
                      comprehensive economic justification for the project, identification of least
                      cost option, examination of affordability of different interventions for poor
                      population, calculation of EIRR, reviewing of public expenditures and their

2004               Economic Expert, Caspian Environmental Programme:
                         Sustainable Development of Caspian Coastal Communities
                         in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, European
                         Commission TACIS, IMC/UK
                         Responsible for grant applications, finance, credits and business advice;
                       Assessment of proposed business plans for small local businesses, assist
                       To communities in project identification

2004               Local ST Expert, Development of Criteria and Selection of Regions for   
                       Provision of EC Technical Assistance to Azerbaijan, European     
                       Commission, PLANET Consultants BV/Netherlands                
                  Responsible for development of methodology for selection of target
                  regions where EU technical assistance could be provided in the most
                  efficient manner; based on the methodology produce overview of three                 
                          regions aiming to select two of them for further TACIS intervention;
                          selection methodology based on an in-depth analysis of the present
                          situation, case study for three regions demonstrating the application
                          of the methodology; supporting the National Coordinating Unit in
                        identification of opportunities for technical assistance for regional

2004           Water Management and WUA Expert, Agriculture Rehabilitation
                        Project in Tajikistan, Asian Development Bank, Louis Berger Group,
                        Responsible for review water management practices, O&M, and
                        Financing of the system; provide hands-on training to staff of the
                        Government agencies, monitoring and evaluation of the system;
                        Assist PIU to develop plans for establishing and operating an
                        efficient water management system, including establishment of
                        WUAs, water allocation and collection of water charges; examine
                        The institutional capacity and resources required for O&M of systems,
                         Review the management arrangements for O&M and recommend the
                         IMT options, examine cost recovery options for investments.

2004                Economic Analysis Expert, Azerbaijan Gas Market Study to 2010,
                        BP Exploration (Shah Deniz) Ltd, UK
                        Responsible for review of the Government policy in context within which gas
                        developments will take place, Government subsidies gas and electricity in
                        the budget, Government position on gas and electricity pricing and the
                        Government’s programme for eliminating subsidies, and placing the gas
                        industry onto a full economic / commercial basis; assessment of latent
                        residential and industrial demands and seasonality of electricity demand,
                        and impact of this seasonality on gas consumption, review the Government
                        policies, which act as a barrier to electricity import substitution

2004                Economic Analysis Expert, Education Sector Development
                        Project, Component : Development of Pilot Region School
                        Network Rationalization Plans in Azerbaijan, World Bank, SPAN, Ltd/
                        Netherlands – Synergetics ST, Ltd                   
                        Responsible for providing the cost-benefit analysis and assessment of 
                        local budget expenditures, preparation of technical guidance document
                        for school network rationalization plans.

2004                Project Coordinator, Rehabilitation and Completion of Irrigation
                        and Drainage Infrastructure Project in Azerbaijan, Technical
                        Assistance on Preparation of Institutional Support for Samur
                        Apsheron Canal and Irrigation Sub-Sector Review, World Bank,
                        ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc/Azerbaijan
           Responsible for liase with Government, State Irrigation Committee and
                        other agencies, guide team on all technical aspects of the study;
                        develop a cost recovery policy and comprehensive of reorganization and
                        institutional arrangement action plan, develop the water pricing concepts
                        and methodologies, prepare the policy recommendations for WUA
                  development, set up and strength the SAC management support, organize
                  training courses in sustainable O&M management and WUA development
                        for district organization staff, prepare the legal and regulatory framework for
                        Samur river basin management unit an d advise the Government on water
                        reform options, coordination between water-related institutions, separation
                        functions of the SAIC and AzerSu, review of investment and tariff policy.

2003/2004       Co-Team Leader/Water Resources Engineer, Rehabilitation
                        and Completion of Irrigation and Drainage Infrastructure Project in
                        Azerbaijan, Long Term Strategy and Feasibility Study for Samur
                        Apsheron Canal System, World Bank, Nippon Koei UK-SULACO, Ltd
                        Responsible for evaluation of water resources and water sharing of the
                        Samur River between Azerbaijan and Russian Federation, evaluation of
                        water potential of local rivers and examination of water balance, water
                        sources for supply to Greater Baku, assessment of project impact on
                        agriculture, manufacturing, service activities and alternative scenarios
                        such as future without project and future with project in financial and
                        economic prices, estimation of investments for irrigation, water supply
                        and environment.  

2003                Institutional Expert, Development of the Regulatory Framework
                        and Institutional Capacity in Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Sectors
                        of Azerbaijan, World Bank, PPIAF, Nexant, Inc/USA
                        review of Government ownership, policy, regulatory and performance of
                        operating companies, advisory support to the Tariff Council with formulation
                        of energy tariff principles and energy tariff transition plan based on O&M
                        cost evaluation, human resources evaluation, including critical gaps in skills
                        necessary for future economic regulatory functions, drafting of new matrix of
                        organizational setting, flow chart and job description, preparation detailed
                        capacity strengthening plan and identification of funding institutional options
                        for new Regulatory Authority. 

2003                Project Director, Baku Gas Distribution Company Privatisation
                        Project in Azerbaijan, World Bank, Deloitte&Touch/USA-MottMac
                        Donald/UK-ASPI, Inc/Azerbaijan
                        Responsible for liase with Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of 
                        Energy, SOCAR, AzeriGas JSC, Baku Gas Co., and other agencies, guide
                        team on all technical aspects of the study; financial and institutional review,                
                        design of institutional options and financial model, preparation privatisation
                        plan and information memorandum, development of RFP. 

2003                Economic Expert and Liaison, Privatisation of infrastructure projects,
                        Islamic Development Bank, Federation of Consultants from Islamic
                        Countries (FCIC), Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation
                        (MATRADE), Malaysian Professional Services Export Council
                        (NAPSEC), MDPI International Consulting, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
                        Responsible for liaise with Government of Azerbaijan for providing concepts
                        Utility commercialization and privatisation activities based on the Malaysian
                        experience in the water and highway sub-sectors.

2003                Team Leader and Institutional Expert, Private Sector Involvement
                   in the Provision of Water and Wastewater Services in Greater
                         Baku/Azerbaijan, World Bank, PPIAF, Castalia/France-SULACO, Ltd
                        Responsible for team building, liase with Ministry of Economic Development
                        ARWC and Baku Sewerage Department, reporting, legal and institutional
                        analysis for regulation, financial modelling and calculations, stakeholder
                        evaluation and risk analysis, interaction with PSP transaction team, ARWC
                        restructuring action plan preparation, training and contract monitoring and
                        regulation; review and analysis of the current institutional setting to
                        regulate the water supply services (financial, technical, environmental,         
                        health, labor, economic regulatory arrangements, preparation and
                        discussion with the Government various PSP options, development of an
                        effective institutional arrangement for regulating the water supply services,
                        particularly after arrival of the private operator and program for
                        strengthening of regulatory capacity of Government and TOR for team of
                        PSP contract supervisors, training of Government officials for tariff
                   methodology and procedures, organize for selected staff of MED study tour
                        to Czech Republic (Prague and Brno) and Romania (Bucharest and
                        Ploeshty) on tariff setting, contract management, contract administration,
                        supervision and monitoring of contract performance. 

2002/2003       Institutional Expert, Irrigation Distribution System and Management
                        Improvement Project, Water User Association Development
                        Component, World Bank, Azerbaijan, international independent team
                        reviewing of legal framework, determination of best options, advising of
                        on preferred size and level of WUAs, preparation of training modules and
                        programmes, determination of short- and long-time office and operational
                        equipment need of WUAs, structure and staffing, conducting of seminars
                        for key government officials and preparation of mission report.
2002                Water Resources Expert, Water Resources Management Strategy for
                          Azerbaijan, World Bank, ECSSD, international independent team
                        reviewing of existing water and environmental legislation, function and
                        obligations of water-related organization, assessment of water demand
                        and consumption for domestic water supply, industry, agriculture, power,
                          environment, set up and strength a water sector reform support unit within
                           the overall structure of SAIC, strengthen the management and planning
                        capacity of basin-based IWRM units, organize training courses in IWRM,
                        assessment of capital and operational costs of river basin management plan
                        institutional strengthening action planning, preparation of suggestions to the
                        Government for water management reorientation and reforming program;
                  organize for selected staff of SAIC and DIEUs study tour to USA for IWRM.                        

2002               Project Manager, Azerbaijan National Disaster Management Plan
                  Project, UNDP, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                  Responsible for team building and reporting, budgeting and cost evaluation,
                  Conducting of seminars and workshops for government officials, preparation
                  of urgent action plan for disaster management, assessment of PIP and
                  evaluation of investment needs and granting opportunities, suggestions on
                  reorganization of the Existing State disaster Commission and capacity
                  building for future institutions;
2002 Project Manager, Micro & Small Hydropower Plant Privatization
                  Project, Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan, ASPI
                  Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                        Responsible for logistics, organization of project, staffing and reporting,
                        Financial and environmental evaluation of HEPPs, preparation of
                        information memorandum and modernization programs for each HEPPs,
                        analyzing of potential investors and buyers, preparation of Contract for
                        selling and tender documentations, organizing of negotiations 
2002/2003       Institutional Expert, Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal
           Rehabilitation Project in Ganja and Sheki towns, KFW, Azerbaijan,
                        DAR/MACS GmbH/Germany
                        Reviewing of existing legislation, functions and responsibilities of central
                        and local bodies, socio-economic surveying and assessment of interviews,
                        assessment of legal and institutional constraints, financial review for master
                        plan study and short-mid-term evaluation of water supply facilities,
                        investment needs for the water production, treatment and distribution,
                        institutional analysis and development of the operation entities;                        

2002            Economic Expert, Assessment Report on the Foreign Direct     
                   Investment and Foreign Trade in Republic of Georgia, ROTOBO,
                   Japan Association for Trade with Russia & Central-Eastern Europe
                   Responsible for review of trend of FDI, sphere structure of FDI, country          
                   structure of FDI, system of the acceptance of FDI, related laws list of FDI,
                   problems of FDI, trend of Foreign trade, goods structure of the foreign
                   trade, area structure of the foreign trade, effect of entry toward the WTO, 
                   several precise information about the main trading partners, problems of
                         foreign trade system, political and social risk of Georgia, domestic and
                         internal conflict, international relations and external conflict, General,                      
                         situation of Economy in 2001

2001                Project Evaluation Expert, Monitoring and Evaluation of the    
                        Agricultural Inputs for Improvement of IDPs and Refugees Income 
                        Generation and Effectiveness, Beylagan and Agjabedi regions of
                        Azerbaijan, Action Against Hungry (France)
                        Responsible for evaluation of project effectiveness, input expenses and
                        input using, assessment of production productivity and trends, training

2001               Project Manager, Privatization of the Azerbaijan Pipe & Tube Works
                       Joint Stock Co.“AZERBORU”, Ministry of Economic Development of
                       Azerbaijan, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                        Responsible for logistics, organization of project, staffing and reporting,
                        financial and technical evaluation of company, development of the
                        information memorandum and modernization programs, as well as
                        pre-investment and feasibility studies, evaluation of bidders,
                        analyzing of potential investors and buyers, preparation of Contract for
                        Buyer and tender documentations, Contract awarding and negotiation

2000/2001       Institutional Expert, South Caucasus Regional Water Management
                        Project USAID, phase I, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey,
                        DAI, Inc./USA
                        Reviewing of the international multilateral and bilateral water and
                        environmental agreements and major characteristics and issues for trans-
                        boundary river basin integrated water management, identification of the
                        major geographic, economic, institutional and political constrains to realizing
                        regional cooperation, preparation of the Kura Trans-boundary River
                        basin planning study for the five riparian countries and institutional
                        arrangements for water monitoring and management systems, preparation
                        of work plan for implementation of the regional initiative for strengthening
                        regional linkages in sustainable water management, reviewing and
                        discussion recent WB, EC TACIS, EBRD and other donors;   
2000               Project Coordinator, Azerbaijan Electricity Sector Restructuring
                      Project, EC/TACIS, Iberdrola Ltd, Spain/Arthur Andersen, USA
                      Responsible for logistics, organization of project, staffing and reporting,
                        conducting of seminars and workshops for key government officials and
                        preparation of mission reports and tender documents for international

2000           Project Coordinator, Urgent Environmental Investment Project,
                          Sturgeon Hatchery Component, World Bank, Azerbaijan,
                      Responsible for logistics, organization of project, staffing and reporting,
                        conducting of seminars and workshops for key government officials and
                        preparation of mission reports and tender documents for international
                        bidding for construction works, technical assistance for procurement,
                        training of personnel for transferring of business and managerial skills;

2000                Project Coordinator, Global Training for Development, Rural Small                                            
                        Business Development Training Project, USAID, Azerbaijan, DAI/USA
                      Responsible for organization of project, staffing and reporting, selection of
                      target groups, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation,
                      introduction to business management, planning and practices, applied
                      marketing, bookkeeping for SMEs, conducting of seminars and workshops
                      for local officials and SMEs, preparation of training programs for rural non
                      agricultural SMEs, training of rural communities for transferring of business
                      and managerial skills;

  1999             Team Leader, Study on Methodology for Determination
                    of Disadvantaged Mountain Areas (for preparation of the Rural
                  Development Program for the Mountainous and Highland Areas of
                  Azerbaijan and Georgia), IFAD, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                  Organizing of site mission, team building, communication and reporting,
                  Identification methodology and approach for determination of poorest
                  Highland areas, analysis and socio-economic diagnostics, identification of
                  Pilot areas through evaluation of the main indicators for rural development; 

     1999          Institutional Expert, Environment Impact Assessment and Monitoring
           in the Project Area of Samur Apsheron Canal and Mil Mugan Drainage
                       Collector in Azerbaijan, World Bank, CES, GmbH/Germany
                       Assessment of the existing legal framework and organizational arrangement,
                       institutional assessment and development for strengthening of sub-sector,
                       evaluation of capital and operational costs for monitoring units, evaluation
                       of annual budget and procurement, technical assistance and training;
1999 Water Management Expert, Social Impact Assessment for Samur
                       Apsheron Canal and Mil Mugan Collector Projecting Area, World Bank,
                   Azerbaijan, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                       Reviewing of existing statue of local water/irrigation utilities, assessment of
                       traditional water rights and water sharing agreements, frameworks and
                       terms for participating the water users in the process of the rehabilitation
                       and improvement of irrigation and drainage infrastructure;  

1998 Project Manager, Pre-Investment Study for Establishment of Oil Product Distribution System In Azerbaijan, Turkish Petroleum International Co., ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                       Responsible for review the perspective for developing an oil product
                       distribution system and indicated main budget items and all economic
                       indices for substantiation of the investment volume, definition of necessary
                       strategic perspective for portfolio financing, marketing researches and
                       assessment of a possible risks.

1998 Institutional Expert, Feasibility Study for Baku Sewerage Rehabilitation
Project, KFW, DAR/Germany
                       Institutional analysis of urban sanitation and preparation of the proposal for
                       Restructuring and private sector involvement, analysis of the possible BOT
                       BOO and other PSP options;

1998 Team Leader, Environmental Impact Assessment for Khaharc
                       Irrigation Canal Rehabilitation Project, IDB, SuYapi/Turkey
                       assessment of the existing technical conditions, water distribution
                        system, economic evaluation of environmental damage from the
                        construction works.
1998               Project Manager, Special Program for Food Security, UN FAO,
                      Azerbaijan, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                      Responsible for project organization and management, as well as
                      financial and institutional assessment of the major constraints, evaluation of
                      natural and financial potential for agricultural development, SME
                      development, agricultural sector studies, development SME sector strategy,
                      evaluation of agricultural inputs, preparation of recommendation for the
                      agricultural sector restructuring;

   1998             Project Director, Interstate Crude Oil and Oil Product Transportation
                        Network Rehabilitation Project, INOGATE 96.02., EC, TACIS,
                        Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Preussag
                        Responsible for liaison between governmental bodies and project team, 
                        project management and monitoring and evaluation, as well as reporting
                        and presentation to the EC Energy Forum in Hanover.

1998            Institutional Expert, Rehabilitation and Improvement Irrigation and
                   Drainage Infrastructure, Azerbaijan, World Bank, CES GmbH/Germany
                   Institutional assessment of the irrigation sector study framework,
                   Development of capacity building for the district-based irrigation utilities,
                   Preparation of institutional development for the long-term strategic plan,
                   Development of water charging and water pricing policy framework for
                   State Irrigation Committee; organize for selected staff of SAIC study tour
                   in Turkey for sustainable O&M procedures and WUA development. 

1997/1998       IFAD Regional Representative and Team Leader, Rural Poverty Study
                        Project in the Caucasian Countries, IFAD, Azerbaijan, Georgia,
                        The Centre for Food Studies/Netherlands
                        Responsible for project management, reporting, evaluation, monitoring and
                         implementation, conducting of seminars and workshops for government and
                      local officials, organizing large-scale socio-economic survey among 360
                      rural communities and private farmer associations, preparation of the
                      recommendations to the Government for improvement of governmental
                      supporting to rural population on the macro-economic and local levels and
                      use self-security possibilities of the farmer associations and credit unions;
  1997              Team Leader, Farm Privatization Project, World Bank/IFAD, Azerbaijan
                         ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                        Institutional assessment of the main constraints for demonstration
                        phase of project for sixth pilot areas that covered by WUAs, advising for
                        the restructuring and privatization of the on-farm irrigation systems,
                        development of the regulatory framework and strengthening of the
                        Project Implementation Unit for pilot WUA setting, evaluation of on-farm
                        distribution network’s assets, and tariff setting;   

1997/1998      Project Coordinator, Greater Baku Water and Wastewater Master Plan 
                       Study, World Bank/EBRD, Azerbaijan, Montgomery Watson, Ltd/UK
Responsible for coordinating the site and office works, meetings with the
Governmental officials, data collection and processing, business resources
Management and cost estimation, as well as for institutional analysis of the
ARWC and Baku Sewerage, and providing the new organizational
Arrangements and institutional strengthening of the existing water and
wastewater utilities and the Corporate Development Unit 
1997           Institutional Expert, National Water and Wastewater Sector Study,
                  World Bank/EBRD, Azerbaijan, PADCO, Inc./USA
                        Reviewing the existing legislation and preparation of the new Law on
                        Water and wastewater, institutional analysis and development,
                        Preparation of the proposals for the creation of the National Water
                        Commission and assets management plan, financial assessment of the
                        Existing drinking water demand and tariff setting for domestic consumers   
1997                Project Manager, Water Control and Irrigation Development Project,
                        UN FAO, Azerbaijan, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                        Responsible for project management, reporting, evaluation, monitoring and
                           implementation, as well as evaluation of the low-cost irrigation options and
                        techniques, identification of the area for irrigation expansion, assessment of
                         the motivation of farmer participatory in water control and management;

1996/1997        Economic Expert, Damaged Area Rehabilitation Pilot Project and
                         Feasibility Study, World Bank, Azerbaijan, ASPI Consulting
                         Engineers, Inc.
                         Economic and financial analysis for agricultural development,
                         Evaluation of the short- and medium investment plans, poverty
                         Assessment and income generation activity development
 1995               Expert on SME development, Sumgayit Free Economic Zone Project in
                        Azerbaijan, UNIDO, Ben Shahar Associates/Israel
                        Reviewing of existing legislation and business and investment environment,
                        Evaluation of existing conditions of the life-support infrastructure and large-
                        Scale industrial enterprises, their production capabilities, assessment of
                        labor market potential, regional socio-economic diagnostics and export-
                        import potential, preparation of proposal for the new legal framework and
                        institutional development; 

 1994/1995       Team Leader, Guba-Khachmas Regional Socio-Economic Profile
                         Development Study, UNDP, ASPI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
                         Evaluation of the regional natural and economic resources potential and
                         Preparation of recommendations for the sustainable regional development
                         and assessment of alternatives for the set up the free economic zones;
1994-1995    Assoc. Professor of Economics and Theory of Management, Baku
                         Western University, Baku City, Azerbaijan
                         Responsible for teaching for BS and MS on the international economics,
                         theory of management, regional and sectoral economics
1992/1993        Water Resources Expert, Greater Karachi Water Supply Project,    
                         Pakistan, Mott MacDonald & Partners, Ltd.,
                         Responsible for evaluation of Indus River’s water resources development;
                         institutional expertise of proposed water management regulatory options

1987/1991        Vice- Director and Head of Economic Division of Research Institute of
                          Water Problem of the Ministry of Irrigation of Azerbaijan  
                          Responsible for scientific planning and business administration,
                          problem identification, control of project implementation,
                          preparation of feasibility study and annual irrigation sector review

1985/1987         Assoc. Professor of Department of Hydrology of Baku State
                          Responsible for teaching for BS and MS on the water resources
                          planning and management, water pricing theory and practices                           

1983/1985         Head of Water Resources Management Division of Research Institute
                         of Water Problem of Ministry of Irrigation of Azerbaijan
                         Responsible for project management, water and land resources planning
                         and management, water pricing researching and designing
1982/1983        Senior Engineer, Upper Shirvan Canal Operating Company of        
                         Ministry of Irrigation of Azerbaijan
                         Responsible for supervision of the O&M works, maintenance of main canal
                         structures, planning and budgeting, water delivering, capital repairing,
                         asset management and monitoring
1979/1981        Post-Graduate Course of the Water Problem Research Institute at the
                         Academy of Sciences of the USSR, part-time student and Expert on
                         Water Resources Development at the Expertise Department of the
                         State Planning Committee of the USSR in Moscow, Russia
                         Responsible for Central Asian regional water resources development and 
                         investment planning of an Integrated Water Resources Management
                         related to interregional water resources transferring from Siberian rivers to
                         Central Asian republics
1975/1978        Specialist and Graduate Engineer to Project Manager, State Irrigation
                         Design Institute of the Ministry of Irrigation of Azerbaijan                        
                         Responsible for feasibility study and master planning of irrigation and
                         drainage system for the Kura River Basin Management Plan

Trainer Experience:

01/2005             Senior Trainer on Project Analysis, Negotiation, Tendering &
To-date              Contracting and Contract Management & Administration at the 
                           Azerbaijan Bank Training Center sponsored by IFC and BP

2002/2004          Trainer on Quality Control & Assurance, Moody International, DNV
                            ISO 9001:2000 Project Implementation & Consultancy, Azerbaijan
                            Baku Steel Co, Sumgait Steel Co, Baku Hazel Hut Co “BakFem”,  
                            Caspian Office for Diving & Emergency Rescue Operations Ltd, MARS
                            Overseas Baku Ltd PEPSI_COLA Azerbaijan, AZLAB, Ltd, Gateways,
                            Ltd, Safe Hands (Offshore), Ltd, ALKAN Ltd, TOSUN Ltd,

2003                   Trainer of trainers on Financial Management, Heftchala Sturgeon
                            Hatchery in Azerbaijan, UEIP, World Bank, SOFRECO/France

2000                   Trainer of trainers on SME Development, Business Planning,
                           Agricultural Crediting, USAID/AED Global Training for Development                           
NGO Experience:

1995                 Founder & Chairman of ECOlogical Sustainability “ECOS” NGO
To-date            Responsible for grant application and project development, promotion,
                         negotiation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, international NGOs
                         cooperation, directly expertise and executing all grating projects below:
• Human Development in Azerbaijan, Annual UNDP Report, 1995
• Development of non-traditional energy sources (solar, wind, biogas) in Apsheron peninsula. Pre-feasibility study funded by UNIDO, 1996
• Assessment of opportunities for applying EU secondhand wind energy production – funded by Miolis, Ltd. UK, 1996-1997
• Utilization of rainwater catchment system in highland and mountainous areas – funded by ISAR, 1997
• Environmental legal and regulatory framework for marine investigations – funded by Kvarner OY, 1998
• Why the Caspian Sea is necessary for me - financed by TACIS, UNDP, UNEP, 1999.
• Business Training for small and medium-sized enterprises, USAID, 1999
• Help them to live"-financed by World Bank, 2000
• Strengthening of Populations' participation through popularization of Orkhuss
Convention - financed by REC Caucasus, 2000.
• Environmental knowledge for orphan children - financed by UNDP, 2000
• Let's help them - financed by World Bank, 2000.
• Let's defend nature heritage for future generations - financed by ISAR Azerbaijan -
• Development of instruments for Public Participation in water issues, regional cooperation in management of boundary and transboundary rivers in "Strengthening water management in the South Caucasus" project - financed by USAID, DAI, Inc., 2001
• Detailed analyses of existing environmental legislation in Azerbaijan and implementation of Aarhus Convention in the country – funded by Field Studies Council (UK) NGO, TACIS Regional Action Plan, 2001
• Action Against Hungry Community-based Agricultural Program, Evaluation of ACH Project in South Caucasus- funded by SECO and BPRM, 2001
• Global Water Partnership  Central Asia& Caucasus (Regional Division for the Central Asia and Caucasus) – funded by GWP, 2002
• Environmental audit and environmental training of projects executed by CHF
International, 2001-2003
• Establishment of Public Observers System on oil and gas pipeline routes of South
Caucasus - REC Caucasus. 2002-2003
• Development of environmental training and travel tours for orphan children, publishing of Children Environmental Book – funded by World Bank, Open Society Institute (Soros) Small Grant program, 2003
• Support to Transboundary Cooperation and Improving Water Resources Management in Kura – Araz River Basin, Eurasia Foundation, 2005 -2006, first stage


Languages  Reading Speaking Writing
 English Excellent Good Good
 Russian Excellent Excellent Excellent
 Azeri (native) Excellent Excellent Good
 Turkish Good Excellent Good



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Ibrahim Mammadzadeh, PhD, DScЕc
Mobile: ++ 994 50 378 0821